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I’m a qualified journalist who’s been writing professionally for almost a decade, regularly contributing to a variety of publications, mostly in the travel industry.


Much of my writing at present is for the publisher Lonely Planet: I produce monthly batches of copy about London, including feature articles, news stories and impartial reviews. Sometimes my work will cause quite a stir, like the time I said Tooting was a cool neighbourhood, and every media outlet in the land weighed in.

Currently my main vocation is as the managing editor of, a content-driven site which receives half a million monthly visits and helps 18-35-year-olds plan adventures around the world. My role there is mostly strategic now, but over the years I’ve written reams of general copy and many articles for the site, and commissioned and edited even more.

Other publications I’ve written for include Time Out London, Rough Guides and The Independent, and I frequently work with national press and other media, including radio stations, as a spokesperson for the youth travel industry.

Articles, blogs & general copy

Features & news stories

Reviews & product descriptions

Proofreading & rewording

Editing for brand tone

You name it, I'll write it. Or edit it.

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I'll deliver precisely what you want exactly when you want it. If for some reason I can't (you never know when an asteroid's going to hit) I'll communicate in advance with full transparency.

Portfolio of published work

Here's a small selection of my recent (ish, in some cases) writing. I'll cover anything from tongue-in-cheek blog posts to guides to feature articles to bespoke long form content.

Lonely Planet Logo - portfolio.png

A Beginner's Guide to the Lake District


Rough Guides Logo - portfolio.png

Top Tips for Volunteering Abroad Ethically

Article Logo - portfolio.png

Girl Uses Social Media to Fake Her Gap Year

News Logo - portfolio.png

Exploring the Ghost Towns of Chernobyl

Story Logo - portfolio.png

How to Travel with Your Girlfriend and Not Break Up

Article Logo - portfolio.png

In Search of Istanbul: A Tale of Two Cities

Feautre Logo - portfolio.png

13 Butt-Clenching Places to Visit in Europe


Lonely Planet Logo - portfolio.png

Campaign to Save London's 'Stretcher' Fences

News Logo - portfolio.png

The Extraordinary Life of a North Korean Defector


Medium Logo - portfolio.png

What it Means to Be a Londoner



Boosting Career Prospects by Travelling

Collaboration Logo - portfolio.png

3, 2, 1... Bungee! Taking the Ultimate Leap of Faith


TimeOut London Logo - portfolio.png

5 Ways to Win at Rush Hour in London

Blog Logo - portfolio.png

Nazi-Bred Cows Become Too Aggressive to Handle


Lonely Planet Logo - portfolio.png

How to Have a Perfect Day in London



Why to Take a Gap Year After College

Article Logo - portfolio.png

101 Amazing Things to See and Do in Australia

Long form Logo - portfolio.png

A (Not So) Brief Visual History of Travel

Long form

Lonely Planet Logo - portfolio.png

Dos and Don'ts When Visiting London


Lonely Planet Logo - portfolio.png

10 of the World's Coolest Neighbourhoods 



Top Tips for Travelling Light


Lonely Planet Logo - portfolio.png

My City: Experiencing London as a Local

Article Logo - portfolio.png

A-Z of Backpacking Essentials



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