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I’ve worked closely with social media marketers throughout my career (I currently manage a couple), and spent over a year running several accounts for various brands within Flight Centre Travel Group as a social media specialist.


In that role I grew the Round the World Experts Facebook audience from 3,000 to 60,000, and wrote several news blogs for that went viral on Reddit, and elsewhere. Did you ever hear about that girl from Holland who faked her gap year?

Similarly to content production, I believe being active on certain social channels must serve a clear purpose. I specialise in identifying and assessing that purpose, and showing you how to develop a profitable strategy and acquisition model around it. I keep things balanced between brand awareness and actual income.

I’m well versed in getting the best bang for buck through advertising on the major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, building engaged audiences, and having a keen eye for what will resonate with those target groups.

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