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My whole career has been geared towards content marketing in one form or another, and in the last few years I’ve become an expert in the field.  I most recently project-managed an entire rebuild of, a website aimed at young travellers that receives 500,000 visits a month, and I also act as a content marketing consultant for StudentUniverse UK.


The project was at its heart an exercise in content marketing. The overarching goal was to better funnel users into commercial pages and optimise conversion rates, while maintaining the authenticity and editorial integrity of the brand. Data from the first six months indicates the project has been a runaway success: visits, engagement and conversions have skyrocketed across both editorial and commercial areas of the site.

I believe three questions regarding any piece of content must be answered before it can be considered effective and worth creating. What's its purpose in relation to wider business goals? How does it reflect the values of the brand and meet the needs of the target audience? How is it going to be measured and made accountable?

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