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I write compelling, engaging, effective copy about whatever you want.

I'm also an experienced editor. And I’m strategic. My combined disciplines of journalism, marketing and SEO mean I'm passionate about high quality, authentic content that has clear brand purpose and a measurable impact.

Most of my background is in travel but I can turn my pen to pretty much anything if it interests me - and I'm an easy person to interest!

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As you can see, I like to get to the point. I think that's important with online content, and it's one of several rules I live by.
If you'd like a bit more detail on what I can help you with, and why I'm the person to do it, click through to my areas of expertise below. Or scroll a little further to see testimonials.

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Here are some nice words from some nice people. I've been lucky enough to work directly with all of them at various times: they all excel in their fields and I've learnt a great deal along the way.
You can get in touch with any of them or their respective companies by following the links on their pictures or under their names.

Testimonials & recommendations

Will Jones has produced excellent quality work for Lonely Planet. His articles on London (both new and updated ones, along with stories for our Travel News team) are some of the website's most viewed pieces and this is largely down to the high standard of the writing - his copy pulls off the tricky combination of being both knowledgeable and entertaining. His reviews of restaurants, bars and things to do are equally good, and he's always willing to help out with any ad hoc requests. On top of that, he's very easy to deal with, always communicating in a friendly, professional way.

Lonely Planet, Destination Editor

Cliff Wilkinson

Over the years I’ve known Will as a friend, colleague, writer and editor, his words have provided me with an enormous amount of inspiration, not just in their content but in the way he puts them together. And then there’s his unique sense of humour too. Few people can make me snort uncontrollably with laughter in the way Will can. A fantastic writer, and a total pleasure to work with too.

Time Out, Head of Global Content

Alex Plim

I’ve been fortunate to work with many talented copywriters over the years, and while most can nail a brief, Will is one of the few who can take his copy to the next level. Able to combine both a compelling narrative and injecting personality and humour, he’s a reliable pair of hands who knows how to deliver. A team player with a wicked eye for detail and a drive to go that extra mile to get the job done - even if that includes an on-location bungee jump - Will is an asset to any project he sets his hands to.

TUI, Lifestyle Editor

Kirsty Prynn

I have to say it was an absolute pleasure working with Will. He has this uncanny ability to cut through to the core of a subject and find a quirky engaging fact or anecdote that can really draw the reader in and relate to their personal experience. He writes beautifully. As a MD of an international travel company I come across a lot of content producers but few are as honest, earnest and frankly likeable as Will. I would use Will again and again on project work.

On The Go Tours, Managing Director

Carl Cross

I had the pleasure of hiring Will Jones and working with him for a couple of years, during which time he demonstrated a serious aptitude for content strategy. He’s an exceptional writer but his thinking goes beyond the ‘what’ and extends into the ‘why’. He views everything he does holistically, using data and sound SEO knowledge to back up his journalistic approach. I thoroughly recommend his services.

Fleximize, Chief Technology Officer

Cormac Scanlan

Will is an absolute joy to work with. He was an integral member of our team at the startup where we first worked together, responsible for great ideas, strong copy, and has a great eye for editing. He always made time to help others with their work too. An all-round great person to work with.

HuffPost, Reporter

Sophie Gallagher

Working with Will Jones over the past two and a half years has been both a pleasure and richly rewarding for the business. Throughout this time Will has not only been one of the best copywriters I've ever worked with, but has also developed his skillset to become a leading technical and content-focused SEO. He led through a huge rebuild process (with SEO equity retention as the key priority) with such success that within six months of completion, the site's organic traffic was outstripping previous records, despite the massive architectural, design and content overhauls., General Manager EMEA

Dan Baker

Will is not only a thoughtful, hilarious and conscientious writer, he is also a highly professional and impressive person to work with. Having worked with Will in the past and being a huge fan of his writing style, I approached Will for some freelance work to help me launch a Dutch start-up travel company into the UK. I explained to him the importance of the new brand we had spent nine months developing in The Netherlands and how imperative it was to capture its essence and relay it for the British consumer. This was a hugely challenging feat, considering the immense cultural language difference from Dutch to English and the pressure I was under to keep the authenticity of the brand alive. Immediately, Will not only understood the brand we had created in The Netherlands, but magically transferred it onto paper for our UK consumers. The writing he created for us was current, engaging and really funny without being provocative, which is exactly the style we needed. His delivery was on time and his communication throughout perfect. Will’s ability to adapt his writing style for the appropriate audience, while keeping his personal idiolect present, is one of the reasons I decided to work with him and he did not disappoint.  I’d recommend him to anyone and would work with him again in a second.

Travel Industry Business Consultant

Georgia Wilson

I worked with Will for over two years in the marketing team at, and in that time not only thoroughly enjoyed working with him, but was continually blown away by his dedication to good SEO and content practice. He somehow managed to find time, around a full time job, to audit an entire site and propose a completely new, logical and well optimised site structure, without appearing to break a sweat. His professionalism is second to none.

The Telegraph, SEO Analyst

Peat Churchill

Will Jones is one of the most talented writers I've ever had the privilege of hiring and working with. Not only that, but he is a total gentleman and will give every endeavour he's involved in a hundred and ten percent.

Whalar, Co-Founder

James Street

Will Jones is a talented SEO specialist and SEO content writer. He has a knack for conducting website content audits and delivering thoughtful, unique pieces of content that perform above competitor websites in search engines. His skills in SEO copywriting within the travel niche set him apart from his peers due to his level of integrity and authentic interpretations of travel experiences worldwide. He has been an irreplaceable asset to my client's SEO and content needs and I would jump at the chance to work with him again. Any business would be lucky to have him on speed dial!

Global Head of Digital

Katie Conroy

It was a total pleasure to work with Will on his articles when I was the web editor at Rough Guides, and to work alongside him on the judging panel for the publication's inaugural travel writing competition. He is a fastidious, discerning and reliable writer and editor.

Lottie Gross

I had the pleasure of working with Will on the relaunch of, a site that had spanned two thirds of our life spans and evolved into something that most project managers and developers were too scared to touch. The 200k+ pages, the terabytes of content, the 100k registered users and the antiquated content management system pushed the boundaries of even the most qualified digital project managers, let alone someone with the role of Managing Editor! The project twisted and turned through highlights and challenges but what didn’t waver was Will’s commitment, versatility, expertise and continued love of learning. Will should be hugely proud of what he achieved with the relaunch of and beyond. His unique combination of creative and commercial capabilities will certainly make him an indispensable member of a number of teams and I have no doubt that he will elevate many exciting and influential projects in the future.

Umi Digital, Managing Director

Harry Fielder

Will is a joy to work with. He's fun and creative whilst also being meticulous and hard working. You only need to look at the incredible transformation to that happened once Will became editor to know that he really knows his stuff. His dedication to such a massive project was not only impressive but also very inspiring.

Top UK Travel Blogger & Founder of The Travel Hack

Monica Stott

Will is an extremely gifted writer. He has an incredible aptitude to be able to communicate in words what most people wish they could say but can’t quite articulate. In the many years of working together, I was admirable of what he produced and always looked forward to experiencing his next piece. Not only is his writing truthful and passionate, it can also be extraordinarily poignant. I can only wish I was as gifted.

Flight Centre, Head of Commercial Air Product

Kavon Bagheri

Will is a fantastic writer who always produces engaging, thoughtful, and entertaining work - and does so remarkably quickly! His dedication to any given task, and his ability to think differently and optimistically about how to approach every step of a project, makes him a real pleasure to work with. I've also seen him juggle a frankly ridiculous amount of work at once and give each thing the care and attention it deserves, delivering all of it on time. It's impressive, to say the least.

David Owen

I was Will's manager for a year at Flight Centre Travel Group. He grew social media accounts for various brands and wrote some great travel blogs which ensured site visitors increased exponentially. He has a great creative yet methodical approach to writing and social media. I enjoyed working with Will and was always happy with his work. So much so, he was an absolute shoo-in for the Content Manager role when I left.

Top UK Travel Blogger & Founder of Vicky Flip Flop

Vicky Philpott

I really enjoyed working with Will Jones on the StudentUniverse team when I was Associate Director at Rooster PR. He writes great, engaging copy and always has lots of interesting and exciting content ideas to suit the audience. He was always friendly and responsive, and great at helping us turn around stories fast so we could quickly jump on trending news stories while they were still in the media spotlight.

Marine Megafauna Foundation, PR & Branding Consultant

Melissa Hobson

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